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Monitor your equipment’s heartbeat wirelessly with the VibeCloud by VibeCloud Reliability Solutions wireless vibration sensors.

Our wireless online vibration sensor system allows your team to detect a wide range of equipment faults, monitoring your machinery 24/7 and securely sending that data to the cloud for analysis.

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The VibeCloud system was designed by certified vibration analysts.

At Reliability Online we are machine doctors and experts on industrial equipment health. The team behind VibeCloud by VibeCloud Reliability Solutions has over 25 years of experience in vibration analysis.

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VibeCloud by VibeCloud Reliability Solutions

VibeCloud Reliability Solutions Inc.,  has been performing vibration analysis on thousands of pieces of equipment worldwide since 2006, and with our new VibeCloud System, we offer the highest-quality professional remote vibration analysis for your facility. Our online platform uses AI with 10+ years of data to ensure accurate analysis. We know that AI alone cannot tell you when it’s time to repair or replace an expensive piece of equipment. However, by choosing to have our team of Vibration Institute, Mobius, and Technical Associates of Charlotte certified Level III and Level IV analysts perform the analysis of the data for your equipment via our off-site lab, we can work with your on-site team to successfully diagnose the equipment in question. Your team also has access to the amazing VibeCloud Online MyVibeCkiyd© Analysis Portal to monitor developing and problematic equipment together with our analysis team.

Analysis Portal

If you have a team of vibration analysts and wish to analyze your equipment via the cloud, then using VibeCloud’s online vibration analysis portal will allow your analysts to:

  • Identify multiple pending failure modes.
  • Monitor your entire plant’s equipment via a heads-up display that will flash red, yellow, or green for each component based on user-defined alert levels.
  • Instantly drill down on any red dashboard icon to see the spider graph of velocity readings across all bands in one graph, allowing you to quickly identify the potential failure mode based on the bands found to be critical.
  • View full spectrum data across each frequency band.
  • Quickly view spectrum data in velocity, acceleration, or envelope.
  • Add reference spectrum for overlay analysis over time.
  • View historical spectrum data quickly by intuitive calendar- and time-based controls.
  • Set alarm levels per band for both alert and critical settings.
  • Zoom in or out quickly when looking at spectrum data to help find more detailed information that can sometimes be hidden in sidebands.

• View time waveform data via the web portal.

Why Go Wireless?

Online vibration monitoring of critical equipment has been in practice since the US military started monitoring nuclear submarines’ turbines for vibration-related issues. Since that time, the basic technology as improved dramatically. In the 80s and 90s analysts finally gained the ability to perform FFT calculations that pinpoint frequencies in a spectrum and determine specific failure modes (such as a crack in an outer race of a bearing). Recently, the technology advanced again allowing for ultra-low-power, battery-based wireless sensors with the same high-frequency capability of wired systems—ushering in a new era of online wireless vibration monitoring.

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