Why Predictive Maintenance Is Important for Your Plant

Planning for your plant’s equipment maintenance is essential for preventing against the cost of unexpected downtime. Many maintenance managers rely on break-fix or preventative maintenance models for managing their equipment needs. While preventative maintenance can extend your system’s life span and improve its performance, it cannot provide the level of detail necessary for predicting repair and maintenance needs in real-time.

At Reliability Online, our team is dedicated to setting a new standard in plant equipment maintenance through our IoT vibration monitoring systems. Using powerful vibration sensors and data analytics, our team is making predictive maintenance the new normal for plant equipment managers.

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Difference Between Preventative Maintenance & Predictive Maintenance

Current maintenance strategies involve one of the following scenarios:

  • A technician identifies a system malfunction during routine maintenance inspection.
  • System failure occurs, and a repair request is sent to a service provider.

This antiquated approach to maintenance and repair needs does little to protect plants from costly downtime following system failure. Predictive maintenance, on the other hand, makes maintenance managers aware of critical system errors before they can escalate further.

Technology is installed across your plant’s essential systems that are used to monitor machine health and performance. This data is collected and analyzed to provide you with the key insights necessary for predicting repair and maintenance needs before catastrophic failure.

At Reliability Online, our team uses powerful vibration sensors and data analytics to empower plant maintenance engineers with the insights they need to protect against unnecessary downtime. Give your plant the power of predictive maintenance technology by calling us at 817-769-6714 to schedule vibration monitoring system installation today!

Benefits of Predictive Maintenance Technologies Using Vibration Sensors

Bringing predictive maintenance capabilities to your plant can provide you with incredible benefits, including the following:

  • Reduced risk of catastrophic system failure and downtime
  • Increased productivity, system performance, and profitability
  • Improved system reliability and plant safety
  • Advanced fault detection for reduced repair requests and equipment failure

Through the VibeCloud system, sensors are used to collect key performance indicators such as temperature fluctuations, gear mesh issues, and bearing wear. This data is then sent to the internet, where it can be easily accessed and analyzed by maintenance workers. Using information gained from this data, plant maintenance engineers can then better strategize about their maintenance needs and keep equipment in continuous operation, effectively eliminating downtime from the equation.

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Reliability Online Vibration Monitoring Systems for Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance technologies are essential for setting a new standard in maintenance strategy for your plant. With Reliability Online’s vibration monitoring systems, you’ll reduce the risk of downtime, increase productivity, and improve system reliability.

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