Vibration Analysis Product Pricing

Your plant’s repair and maintenance needs are among the top concerns for maintaining optimal productivity and profitability. While preventative maintenance strategies can provide you with improved system performance, these methods are unable to provide the fault detection insights necessary to prevent system failures.

Predictive maintenance installation may come with a sizeable price tag depending on your plant’s size and equipment used. However, the money saved on unnecessary downtime, maintenance, and repair requests will far outweigh the cost of your initial investment.

Reliability Online uses vibration analysis sensors to provide maintenance workers with the insights necessary for early fault detection to prevent against catastrophic failure.

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What Is Predictive Maintenance?

Historically, plant maintenance has usually occurred in one of the following ways:

  • A technician detects system malfunction during a routine maintenance inspection and repairs the problem
  • System failure occurs, and the maintenance crew must respond to repair requests to minimize downtime

In contrast, predictive maintenance analyzes system performance on a continuous basis, providing maintenance workers with real-time data insights to monitor repair and maintenance needs. VibeCloud’s predictive maintenance suite can detect a wide range of system malfunctions, including temperature fluctuations and fault codes that signal imminent failure. This helps maintenance workers save time and money, creating a safer, more productive plant.

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What’s the Cost of Not Having Predictive Maintenance?

About 98% of organizations say that one hour of downtime can cost more than $100,000, according to some reports. As the cost of downtime increases across organizations, it’s more important than ever for maintenance workers to predict repair and maintenance needs and prevent financial damages caused by system failure.

While installing predictive maintenance technology can be costly, it won’t approach the expense that just one hour of downtime can cost your company. By installing the VibeCloud system, you can reduce the risk of lost profitability due to machinery malfunction.

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How Much Does It Cost to Install Predictive Maintenance Technology?

The total cost to install predictive maintenance technology at your plant depends on a variety of factors, including the following:

  • Plant size
  • Number of machines being monitored
  • VibeCloud products selected

Unit pricing on the VibeCloud Vibration Sensor ranges starts at $26 per sensor per month (No additional fees! That includes all hardware, professional remote analysis, and unlimited online access), depending on the quantity of units purchased.

The cost to install VibeCloud’s predictive maintenance technology will vary depending on your plant size and number of units required for effective equipment monitoring.

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Why Choose VibeCloud for Your Machine Health Monitoring?

The VibeCloud system offers maintenance workers superior monitoring capabilities to ensure all of their essential systems are operating at top performance. Using vibration sensors, our systems are specifically designed to provide you with the key insights necessary for catching equipment faults prior to catastrophic failure. True savings begin with a smarter maintenance strategy.

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