VibeCloud System Node

The VibeCloud Reliability Solutions VibeCloud System Node allows multiple VibeCloud Vibration Sensors in a given area to relay their vibration data in a timely manner to the VibeCloud Reliability Solutions Server Cloud Farm on the internet. At least one VibeCloud System Node is required per VibeCloud installation, and in general (depending on physical distance and obstacles between sensors and nodes), 40-50 sensors can communicate with a single system gateway in a VibeCloud IIOT Implementation. The gateway can communicate using Wi-Fi or a cellular network (using a SIM card installed into the node).

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How the System Node Works

Our system node is the connecting hub that streamlines all information from the vibration sensors. Here is the general structure of the information flow:

Sensor Readings Are Sent to the Nearest Node

The sensors we install take readings from the machines hourly and send the data to the nearest node using ultra-low-power Bluetooth protocol.

The Gateways Collect & Compile the Data

The gateways collect and compile data from up to 50 sensors in their Bluetooth range and upload that information to our servers hourly. They can use either Wi-Fi, ethernet cable, or cellular data via an onboard SIM card enabled cellular data bridge module.

These servers are hosted on Amazon Web Services to ensure maximum web edge level capabilities worldwide and dynamic load handling. This provides the fastest processing possible.

The Cloud Servers & Your Data

While on our cloud servers, the data is interpreted via our proprietary AI. We have been training this AI since 2011, using millions of time wave forms (raw vibration data sine waves) gathered from countless pieces of equipment.

Our AI Analyzes Your Data

The AI makes the initial assessment of the information, but will only report on healthy equipment directly.

Our Analysts Analyze Your Data

If the AI determines the equipment might be unhealthy, then our world-class analysis lab is notified. One of our certified analysts reviews the data and publishes a report if they confirm that there is an issue. A real human analysts performs the final analysis of the data, and writes the report with recommendations on how to address the issue they found.

The Analysts Publish the Report in the Customer Reporting Portal

That report is published to our customer reporting portal where one of our technical account managers will reach out monthly to each of our customers to review the reports via web meeting.

System Nodes for Your Vibration Analysis System

Reliability Online wants to make it easier for you to understand how your machinery is performing in your industrial or manufacturing plant.

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