Infrared Windows

Infrared windows allow infrared cameras to see components and connections inside electrical equipment with the covers and doors in place. Ultimately, these thermal windows are for safety.

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What Are IR Windows?

  • Infrared cameras can only measure the temperature of the objects that they can see.
  • Infrared cameras cannot see through glass or plastics used for visual viewing panes in electrical equipment and require special lens materials that transmit infrared radiation.
  • Infrared window lens materials are typically specialized infrared transmissive polymers or fluoride-based crystalline materials.

Why Use IR Windows?

IR windows can inspect energized cabinets without opening full door, which can lead to arc flash injuries (and death). They provide ease of access to perform thermography scans as needed for troubleshooting as well as routine scans.

With the ultrasound ports, IR windows have the ability to do a new kind of electrical cabinet/transformer analysis that extends the ability of the electrical teams to identify issues within the panel that thermography alone cannot always detect.

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Very few facilities have the ability to power down for any length of time without great loss of productivity, but IR windows allow for this type of productivity.

One way to keep your infrared windows running is through regular maintenance inspections. A “maintenance inspection window” should allow all inspections to be completed by all of the equipment that you intend to use in closed panel energized inspections of your electrical systems.

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