On-Site Installation of Condition based Maintenance Technology

Many plant maintenance engineers may believe that sensor installation is simple. However, Reliability  However we recommend  that all facilities take advantage of our professional field service team for installation of the VibeCloud system  of vibration sensors, gateways, and concentrators.

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The On-Site Vibration Sensor Installation Process

During on-site sensor installation, our team will need the equipment we are targeting to be turned off for one to four hours per machine (this all depends on machine size, number of machine train components, etc.).  VibeCloud Reliability Solutions’s technicians will use drill and tap or adhesive base mounting of the sensors depending on component materials and equipment criticality rankings.

After installing the individual sensors, our techs will also identify ideal locations in your plant or industrial facility for wireless system gateways to be installed as well. The technician will then install the:

  • System gateways
  • Wireless sensors

Before we leave your facility, our installation team will double-check that all sensors are online and that data is being received in the cloud by the Online Analysis Portal.

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Can You Install the Vibration Sensors Yourself?

Here at  VibeCloud  Reliability Solutions  our technicians have trained extensively to install these vibration sensors and system gateway devices. The sensors need to be installed perfectly so they can properly read the status of your machinery. Therefore, we recommend that our customers always employ our professional installation services.

However, in the case of very large implementations, as part of our installation services, we offer training so that our customers can continue to add additional sensors and gateways to their plants on their own after the initial installation.

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Small Scale Sensor Installation Trial

For a small trial implementation of perhaps two sensors and one gateway, we can pre-configure the system so we would not need to directly perform the installation and setup on-site, but we could simply ship the parts to our clients. The client can then perform the installation for a trial period.

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Professional On-Site Vibration Sensor Installation for Manufacturing Plants

Reliability Online is proud of our expert technicians and their work with industrial equipment and manufacturing plants. They have trained countless hours to know the ins and outs of the vibration analysis tech industry.

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