About Our Company

The founder of Semeq Inc., the parent company of Reliability Online and VibeCloud™, was founded by a mechanical engineer who began doing vibration analysis on industrial equipment using the expensive and cumbersome technology of 1994. As technology improved, Semeq began developing additional technologies, including our own streamlined vibration data collector—and eventually the wireless vibration sensor. As the first company to begin automizing the vibration analysis process, the team behind VibeCloud designed the system for analysts to monitor machinery and prevent costly breakdowns. Since 1994, Reliability Online and Semeq Inc. have been performing vibration analysis on hundreds of thousands of pieces of equipment worldwide. We offer the highest-quality professional remote vibration analysis for your facility, and our online platform uses AI with 20+ years of data to ensure accurate analysis.

Our Core Values

  • Cooperation and Solidarity
  • Hard Work and Perseverance
  • Initiative and Accountability
  • Interest in Knowledge and Research
  • Truth and Integrity

Our Mission

“To prescribe productive solutions for industrial equipment through applied technology and knowledge while embracing the relationship with the customer.”

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