VibeRoute™ Self-Service Vibration Analysis

  • Get Top Rated Vibration Analysis while using your own team to take the readings!
  • VibeCloud Reliability Solutions now offers an easy to use Android based Vibration Measurement system that we can train your team to use in just a single session.
  • Your team takes the readings and uploads them to our Level III and IV analysts to quickly identify pending failures, giving your team time to schedule maintenance and avoid un-planned downtime!

Our Kit Includes:

  • VibeRoute Compatible* Smartphone (With Wi-Fi, BLE & NCS enabled)
  • Pre-installed VIBEROUTE collection App
  • One Single Axis 10k frequency Wireless Sensor
  • One Magnetic Base for the Wireless Sensor
  • All for just $1995.00
  • Analysis service is just $20 per machine component per analysis.

(based on monthly analysis. Prices may vary depending on qty)

VIATC August 4th - 7th 2020

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