VibeCloud™ Vibration Sensor System

The VibeCloud system allows our clients to utilize the predictive tools that our own field engineers have used for over 25 years, providing world-class vibration analysis and condition monitoring for household names such as Mars Chocolate, GE Appliances, Toyota, and hundreds of other facilities around the world. The VibeCloud system is made up of several different products that all come together to monitor your machinery and prevent catastrophic breakdowns.

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VibeCloud™ Wireless Online Vibration & Temperature Sensor

VibeCloud wireless sensor attached to a machineThe VibeCloud Wireless Online Vibration Sensor has an 8hz to 10khz frequency range that allows vibration analysts to detect a wide range of developing equipment faults (including high frequency indicated faults such as bearing wear and gear mesh issues). With the VibeCloud Vibration Sensor, facilities can predict and identify problems long before catastrophic failures. This saves these businesses a tremendous amount of money in repairs and lost production while simultaneously increasing facility safety. The sensor has three axes of vibration readings to enable the analysts to identify all potential failure modes detectable through vibration analysis. The sensor also monitors temperature—a critical data point used with vibration monitoring to confirm potential failure modes.

Unit pricing on the VibeCloud Vibration Sensor ranges starts at $26 per sensor per month (No additional fees! That includes all hardware, professional remote analysis, and unlimited online access), depending on the quantity of units purchased. Contact us today online or at 817-769-6714 for a custom quote. 

VibeCloud™ System Node

The  VibeCloud System Node allows multiple VibeCloud Vibration Sensors in each area to relay their vibration data in a timely manner to the network. At least one VibeCloud System Node is required per VibeCloud installation, and in general (depending on physical distance and obstacles between sensors and nodes), 10-20 sensors can communicate with a single system node in a VibeCloud IIOT Implementation. The node transfers the sensor data to the internet using ethernet, Wi-Fi, or built-in, SIM-card-based cellular data.

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Wi-Fi Repeater

Wi-Fi repeaters are common, commercially available devices that allow the range of VibeCloud Gateways to be greatly extended, usually in increments of 500-1000 feet. Sometimes Wi-Fi repeaters are needed when the VibeCloud System Nodes are placed more than 500-1000 feet apart.

Cellular-Based Wi-Fi Router

The Cellular-Based Wi-Fi Router (when using Wi-Fi Gateways) is an optional cellular-data network-based internet router that allows the VibeCloud system to send the collected vibration sensor data to the cloud. In many cases, local facility Wi-Fi or cabled networks have security restrictions, so the VibeCloud system is far less able to use the network. To avoid these issues, the Cellular-Based Wi-Fi Router option is ideal as it completely bypasses the local facility Wi-Fi or cable network, thus reducing any corporate or facility data security concerns. This also ensures that the VibeCloud system data is not affected by any facility-level internet outages, improving the stability and reliability of the vibration monitoring of the facility’s critical equipment.

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Sensor Magnetic Base

For installations that need to be quickly deployed across a facility, we recommend a magnetic base to affix the sensors to the equipment. The 25 lb. magnet solidly attaches the sensor to the equipment for the most accurate vibration reading.

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Are you the maintenance manager, reliability manager, or IT director at a facility with industrial machinery? Bring your facility to the 21st century and the cloud with our full range of online vibration monitoring applications and software. The easiest way to start is with our VibeCloud™ wireless vibration sensors to monitor the heartbeat of your machines and identify developing equipment problems before a catastrophic failure shuts down your production. We provide our vibration monitoring and analysis products and services to customers throughout North America.

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