Wireless Vibration Sensor System and Predictive Maintenance Services in Indianapolis, IN and Surrounding Areas

The Easiest Way to Start Is with Our VibeCloud™ Wireless Vibration

When your facility in Indianapolis is looking for a vibration monitoring system for its machinery, the VibeCloud by VibeCloud Reliability Solutions wireless vibration sensor system is the perfect solution. Our vibration sensors and monitoring system helps keep equipment healthy and prevent catastrophic breakdowns in more than 200 industries such as chemical, auto parts, sanitation, food processing, paper mills, aircraft manufacturing, steel mills, energy production, and any other process that relies upon machinery. In addition to providing your facility with our monitoring systems, Reliability Online also offers our clients services including on-site installation, network confirmation and database setup, and online analysis and reporting.

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One-Time Network Confirmation & Database Setup

As part of the process to get your equipment on the cloud, VibeCloud Reliability Solutions VibeCloud System Specialists must ensure proper network and equipment data, such as motor name plate information, is provisioned correctly. The effort of getting this cloud infrastructure configured for your Indianapolis facility’s specific equipment is usually a one-time effort during the implementation of your VibeCloud wireless sensor monitoring system.

On-Site Installation in Indianapolis

Although sensor installation is straightforward, for those facilities that wish to engage the VibeCloud Reliability Solutions Professional Field Service Team for installation of the VibeCloud vibration sensors, gateways, and concentrators, VibeCloud Reliability Solutions is ready to assist. During on-site sensor installation in Indianapolis, our team will need the equipment to be fitted with vibration sensors to be turned off for approximately 1-4 hours per machine (depending on machine size, number of machine train components, etc.). Installation technicians will use drill and tap or adhesive base mounting of the sensors (depending on component materials and equipment criticality rankings). After installing the individual sensors, our technicians will also survey the facility to identify ideal locations for VibeCloud Gateways to be installed. The technician will then install the nodes and set up the internet connection on each node (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or cellular-based). Before leaving the site, our installation team will ensure that all sensors are online and that data is being received in the cloud by the VibeCloud Reliability Solutions Online Analysis Portal.

Online Software Access for Self-Service Analysis

If you have a team of vibration analysts and wish to analyze your equipment via the cloud, then using VibeCloud’s online vibration analysis portal will allow your analysts to:

  • Identify multiple pending failure modes.
  • Monitor your entire plant’s equipment via a heads-up display that will flash red, yellow, or green for each component based on user-defined alert levels.
  • Instantly drill down on any red dashboard icon to see the spider graph of velocity readings across all bands in one graph, allowing you to quickly identify the potential failure mode based on the bands found to be critical.
  • View full spectrum data across each frequency band.
  • Quickly view spectrum data in velocity, acceleration, or envelope.
  • Add reference spectrum for overlay analysis over time.
  • View historical spectrum data quickly by intuitive calendar- and time-based controls.
  • Set alarm levels per band for both alert and critical settings.
  • Zoom in or out quickly when looking at spectrum data to help find more detailed information that can sometimes be hidden in sidebands.
  • View time waveform data via the web portal.

Monthly Cellular Data Plan

Optionally, you may decide to bypass your internal local or corporate internet network to minimize any security or reliability issues with your network. In this case, VibeCloud Reliability Solutions offers a monthly cellular data plan option that allows you to send your equipment data directly to the internet.

VibeCloud Reliability Solutions Online Analysis & Reporting

If you choose to have our team of Level III and Level IV analysts perform the analysis of the data for your equipment, your team still has access to the amazing VibeCloud Online Analysis Portal to be able to monitor developing and “problem” equipment in tandem with our analysis team. All pending failures our team identifies are published via our Equipment Health Portal and we have many CMMS integrations that will automatically create work orders or work requests for your team to immediately begin scheduling.

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VibeCloud by VibeCloud Reliability Solutions and Reliability Online don’t just sell vibration sensor monitoring systems—our team also offers our clients a number of installation, analysis, and monitoring services allowing data to be analyzed regularly so that you know well in advance if issues in your equipment are developing.

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